The Experience And Integrity
Needed To Defend Your Case

"People say there’s no substitute for experience. But you can hire a bad lawyer with years of experience. The one thing in life that there is no substitute for is integrity. If a lawyer guarantees you a result, be weary of their motives. No attorney can guarantee a result, but should instead promise to use all of their skills and experience to defend your case. I will listen to your situation and provide insight and guidance based on my experience. All I can guarantee is that you will get my best effort to defend your case. And that effort usually results in the best outcome possible based on the individual facts of your case. A lawyer who has quality experience and the respect of the court and the DA’s office — I have that — and that’s what’s going to help your case."

Attorney Josh D. Martin

Photo of Joshua D. Martin
Photo Of Attorney Josh D. Martin

Unique Insight And Knowledge

Joshua D. Martin is a former New York City prosecutor with nearly 20 years of legal experience. He started his career as an assistant district attorney in Queens County. He was selected to work in Homicide Investigations, where he gained invaluable experience in building a case from the ground up. Those early career experiences have proven invaluable in formulating effective defense strategies for clients. Josh uses his unique insight into the way that police investigate crimes and prosecutors think, and applies that knowledge to defending his clients.

​Practice Areas

  Criminal Defense
  Felony DWI
  Drug Charges
  White Collar
  Cash Payroll

Skilled Representation Against DWI Charges

Josh represents people facing any type of drunk driving charge. Whether this is a first-time DWI or your eighth DWI, he can provide a strong defense against these charges. Anybody can get a DWI. Sometimes, people make mistakes and know they shouldn’t have been driving. But you don’t have to face this alone. We will fight to protect your record.

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