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Experience Matters When Your Future Is On The Line

Josh Martin formed Law Offices of Joshua D. Martin, LLC, in 2006. The firm provides experienced and skilled representation of clients on criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor DWI to serious felony charges.

We offer quality legal counsel to individuals facing a range of criminal charges. We understand what is at stake for you, which is why our lawyer Josh Martin is committed to protecting your interests and fighting for your future by mounting an aggressive defense. With experience as a former assistant district attorney and 20 years of legal practice, our attorney knows what it takes to help you navigate the criminal justice system.

“One of the reasons I’ve succeeded and continued to grow my practice is the relationships I’ve built with prosecutors, judges and court staff. Having credibility, the respect of my peers and the ability to work with others, has helped me to grow my business and continue to be successful.” — Josh Martin

Career Highlights

Josh Martin has the experience to defend you. Over his career, he has conducted more than 25 felony jury trials. Additional highlights include:

Civil litigation focusing on medical malpractice defense, July 2004-June 2006

Queens County District Attorney’s Office, August 1999-July 2004

  • Worked as an assistant district attorney.
  • Conducted felony and misdemeanor jury trials.
  • Worked in Homicide Investigations Bureau.
  • Conducted investigation into “wrong man” homicide where unjustly convicted man was set free and actual perpetrator was brought to justice.


Clemson University, Clemson, SC, B.A. Political Science, 1994
Suffolk University, Boston, MA, J.D., 1999

Josh Martin knows how to investigate cases and develop strong, custom-tailored defense strategies for his clients in Westchester, Putnam and all counties of New York City. Respected for his integrity and trial experience, he often collaborates with other legal professionals.

You can learn more about his background, education and legal experience here:

A Strong Defense Starts Now

We fight for the rights and interests of our clients at every step of the criminal justice process. Starting from the initiation of an investigation or immediately after an arrest, Josh Martin will take immediate action on your behalf. He will listen to your concerns, investigate your case, collaborate with you on your goals and develop the defense strategy most appropriate for your individual situation.

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation Today

The Law Offices of Joshua D. Martin, LLC, offers free initial case evaluations. You can schedule a meeting at our White Plains or Carmel office locations by calling 845-474-2687 or contacting us online. Both of our locations are conveniently located near the local courthouses and public transportation. We also represent individuals throughout the New York City metro area.