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Case Results

Felony criminal mischief — Client charged with intent to cause damage to medical equipment in hospital. Case indicted by grand jury, offer made by prosecutor involved probation. After multiple motions and investigation, case dismissed and sealed.

Felony assault — Client charged with assaulting family member, led to hospital stay and severe injury. Client enrolled in counseling, intense negotiations with prosecutor. Case resolved without a criminal disposition, client and family moving forward.

Assault, resisting arrest, obstruction — Client charged with multiple crimes resulting from altercation with security at New York casino. Case taken to trial, client found not guilty of all charges.

DWI trial Westchester County — Client fell asleep in car in a lane of traffic on major highway early in morning. Car not moving. Client charged with misdemeanor DWI. After trial, client found not guilty of DWI, convicted of lesser charges that were violations. No criminal record.

DWI trial Westchester County — Client struck guardrail, blew out tire and drove for over a mile. Police pulled over car. Good Samaritan called 911, testified at trial. Client found not guilty of DWI, convicted of lesser charges that were violations. No criminal record.

Felony assault — Client arrested for felony assault. Investigation conducted by defense, claims made by victim proven to be false. All charges dismissed and case sealed.

Felony assault first degree — Client indicted for first-degree assault. Client faced up to 25 years in jail. Jury trial conducted, client found not guilty of all felony charges. Convicted of misdemeanor and received probation.

Criminal tax fraud (payroll investigations) — Handled several cases in New York City and Westchester County. Clients faced felony charges personally and against their corporations. Potentially devastating for their business and family. Cases resolved with payment of fines and penalties, no charges filed against individuals. Businesses continued to operate and federal tax authorities and state insurance fund did not get involved in the case.