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Facing Assault Charges? You Do Not Have To Fight Alone.

Just one incident during a night out on the town or what you thought was a simple misunderstanding can result in criminal charges, such as assault. Regardless of the details of your individual situation, it is in your interests to present a strong defense against these serious criminal allegations.

Josh Martin of the Law Offices of Joshua D. Martin understands what is at stake for New York clients facing assault charges. Serving clients in Carmel, White Plains and throughout New York City, our lawyer brings decades of experience and a tenacious commitment to the best interests of his client in each case he takes.

What Counts As Assault In New York?

According to New York laws, assault occurs when one person causes physical harm to another person. There are varying degrees of assault charges, and the specific penalties you are up against depend on factors that include the following:

  • The use of a weapon during the assault incident
  • The mental state of the defendant at the time of the assault
  • The seriousness of any injuries caused by the defendant

It is not easy to prove a person’s intent, and we can help you challenge the prosecution’s case against you as part of your defense strategy.

Our attorney can also help you deal with the serious implications that accompany allegations of various types of domestic violence, including restraining orders and protective orders.

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Both of our office locations are just short walks from both the local courthouses and public transportation. Josh Martin will meet you in court, or you can schedule a private in-person meeting by contacting us here or calling 845-474-2687. Initial consultations are always free.