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Serious Defense For Felony Drunk Driving Charges

The penalties associated with a felony DWI are quite serious. At the New York firm of the Law Offices of Joshua D. Martin, we offer the exceptional defense counsel necessary to effectively confront a felony offense. Your future, freedoms and even your financial well-being are on the line, but we are on your side.

Like a misdemeanor drunk driving charge, a felony DWI comes with penalties that include loss of your license, incarceration and more. We can help you fight back, starting with a thorough investigation of your case. The goal of our lawyer is to protect your best interests by developing a defense plan custom-tailored to your specific needs and the unique details of your case.

What Will A Felony DWI Mean For You?

The conviction of a felony offense can alter the course of your life. A felony-level offense is the highest type of crime, and a felony DWI charge means that you have multiple DWI convictions on your record within a 10-year period. Under Leandra’s Law in New York, an intoxicated driver with a minor 15 years of age or younger will face a felony charge. The penalties associated with a felony DWI may include:

  • Incarceration in a state prison
  • Probation
  • Expensive fines
  • Extensive license revocation period
  • Mandatory attendance in alcohol treatment programs
  • Ignition interlock device

In addition to the above penalties and others, a conviction will also result in a permanent mark on your criminal record. These serious consequences can affect everything from custody of your children to your career opportunities. Our experienced defense attorney has decades of experience, and he is committed to fighting for the best possible outcome for you.

Learn About Your Defense Options

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