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Helping You With Cash Payroll Investigations

Construction in New York is expensive, and it can take a long time to complete a project. Because many contractors and companies do not receive payment until the project is complete, it is difficult to pay workers and subcontractors. In many cases, this results in payroll issues that may eventually spark an investigation into the finances of your company.

At the Law Offices of Joshua D. Martin, we help companies deal with cash payroll investigations. We help companies who are facing various penalties for paying workers in cash, avoiding workers’ compensation fees and even failing to pay taxes. If you own a small or medium-size construction company, our attorney can help you preserve the interests of your business while navigating these legal concerns.

The Financial Concerns Of Construction

General contractors often have to pay subcontractors to complete specific aspects of the job, yet the general contractor may not get full payment until the entire project is completed. You may have a difficult time paying your own workers, and paying in cash or paying in increments may be all you are able to do at the time. Often, companies are unaware of the fact that the way they are managing payroll issues is actually illegal.

Payroll issues are often the result of cash flow problems, and you may simply be trying to keep your business afloat. Our lawyer Josh Martin understands how difficult this is, and he can help your company deal with any issues related to cash payroll investigations. His experience in this specific area means he knows the law well, and he has successfully helped other companies deal with the same problems. Many of his cases come from referrals from other lawyers.

What Penalties Could You Face?

Penalties for cash payroll violations can be steep, especially if there are allegations of fraudulent activities involved. Our lawyer will work diligently to minimize the financial impact your company may face, starting by fighting to have fraud charges reduced to negligence penalties. You may have to pay back taxes and other fines.

We Can Help

Contact our office to learn more about how our firm can help your company during this time. Josh Martin is committed to building relationships with clients and helping them achieve their goals. You can speak to him at either our Carmel or White Plains office by calling 845-474-2687 or filling out this form.