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New York drug possession consequences: variable and wide-ranging

Criminal charges linked with illegal drugs run a wide gamut in New York. Legions of defendants across the state face legal challenges relevant to simple possession of a relatively small amount of marijuana intended for personal use. Others face allegations tied to sale or distribution. At one extreme end of the charging spectrum reside charges related to trafficking of drugs like heroin, cocaine and opioids.

The point: Drug-related arrests and charges can yield vastly differing consequences from case to case. We duly stress that point on our website at the proven criminal defense Law Offices of Joshua D. Martin (with locations in both Carmel and White Plains).

One of our webpages specifically spotlights possession charges, which we note can range dramatically based on factors “such as the type of drug, the amount of the drug and any previous criminal convictions.”

Our advocacy of individuals in New York City and across Westchester and Putnam counties who face drug possession charges is proactive and aggressive. Moreover, it is guided by experience gained by our firm’s founder as an ex-district attorney.

Drug charges are often far less slam-dunk propositions than police officers and prosecutors assert. Experienced defense lawyers are often able to uncover investigatory flaws in the government’s case. Those range from problems tied to probable cause and initial police/defendant interaction to unlawful evidence seizure and improper criminal charging.

The bottom line concerning an illegal drug possession case is that authorities must prove every aspect of their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

A tested and knowledgeable defense advocate will insist that they do, pushing diligently for an optimal outcome that maximally promotes a client’s best interests in every case.