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Criminal defense: 13-year-old accused of murder

A teenager has been charged in the murder of a college freshman, according to local sources. New York authorities have arrested the 13-year-old boy, who cannot be publicly identified due to his minor status, and indicated that he would be charged with murder. A second individual was also in custody and being questioned, but that person had not yet been arrested by the time of the media report. When the teen faces formal charges in court, he will be represented by a criminal defense attorney.

According to the report, the young woman was stabbed to death in Morningside Park on the night of Dec. 11. It appears there may have been witnesses, as a report was made including a description of the clothing worn by the 13-year-old. The following day, police say he was found trespassing in a building wearing clothing that matched the description given by witnesses. He was searched by police, who say they discovered a knife on his person. 

The boy was arrested under suspicion of murder. Once he was in custody, he reportedly admitted to the police that he and two others had attempted to rob the woman before stabbing her. Police have detained one of these two suspects, and are currently on the lookout for the other. 

A murder charge is a grave accusations at any age, but particularly in the case of a minor whose entire life could be affected. This is why he will be represented by a criminal defense attorney tasked with protecting his legal rights and defending him against any formal charges filed. His attorney will carefully review the facts of the case and protect the boy’s individual interests at every stage of the New York criminal proceedings.