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Criminal defense: Brooklyn man charged with attempted murder

A man believed to have viciously assaulted his girlfriend and their 2-year-old child is in custody pending a psychiatric evaluation, according to local sources. New York police arrested the 26-year-old man, who stands charged with a variety of crimes, including attempted murder. He was set to be arraigned in a Brooklyn court on Dec. 1. There was no word as of this report whether he had yet retained criminal defense counsel. 

According to police accounts, they were called to an apartment building in Brooklyn after neighbors called 911, saying they heard screaming. When they arrived, they apparently found the accused man’s 2-year-old son suffering from a puncture wound to his temple, and the child’s 24-year-old mother bleeding from lacerations on her forearm and leg. Both were taken to local hospitals, where the mother was treated and released. The child remains in critical condition and doctors fear he could have suffered brain damage. 

An investigation suggested the weapon used was a comb wielded by the accused man, who was arrested on-site and transported to a local hospital for a psych evaluation. He stands charged with assault, attempted murder and child endangerment. If he is found guilty, he could spend years in prison and be barred from further contact with his family. 

The acts described in the New York police account are of course horrific, but they may not have been committed by an individual in his right mind. Part of his criminal defense team’s preparations for a trial will doubtless include a careful review of the results of his psychiatric testing. If it can be suggested that a mental issue may have influenced his decision making, his lawyer could use that as one possible defense in the upcoming criminal trial.