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Have you or your company come under suspicion of email fraud?

Facing any type of criminal accusation can throw one’s life out of balance. You may have believed that you were operating your business in accordance with the law or carrying out other activities without any notion that you were under suspicion. However, you ended up accused of a white-collar crime.

In particular, authorities suspect that you or your business has committed fraud through email phishing scams. As a result, you are now facing an investigation and may not be entirely certain what that means.

Phishing scams

Though you are in line to face possible criminal charges for phishing, you may not even know what that entails. If authorities have begun an investigation, however, they likely suspect that you have participated in a scheme involving the following activities:

  • Sending emails to consumers that appear to be from a reputable entity (possibly your company)
  • Asking consumers in the email to verify information by following a link in the email
  • Using the link to send consumers to a scamming site
  • Fraudulently obtaining consumers’ personal information through the scamming site
  • Accessing consumers’ accounts or using their identities for fraudulent activities

The idea of carrying out such a scheme may seem deplorable to you, but the possibility does exist that someone working for you could carry out such action. As a result, if your company comes under fire for the actions of an employee, you could potentially face negative ramifications as well.

Your options

You certainly do not want yourself or your business to face legal consequences due to an employee’s wrongdoing, so it may be wise to start gathering information related to your legal options as soon as possible. If you know you and your company are under investigation, you may want to contact a New York attorney experienced in defending against such accusations.

Your legal counsel can explain the exact activity of which authorities suspect you, the types of charges that could result, what an investigation will entail and how you can work to protect your best interests and the interests of your company. Additionally, if charges do come against you, an experienced attorney can help you understand your options for defending against the allegations. This type of ordeal can certainly feel overwhelming, but knowing that you have support may help you feel more at ease.