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Driver arrested following DWI claim in New York

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | DWI

The aftermath of an accident can be nerve-wracking for those involved. Often, a person may not fully know what to do, causing panic. Unfortunately, a driver in New York now faces multiple accusations, including claims that he was driving while intoxicated, or DWI, as a result of an accident.

The incident that led to the 24-year-old man’s arrest is said to have happened during the afternoon hours of a day in mid-February. Police apparently believe that the man was driving a pickup truck when his vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic, resulting in a head-on collision. The driver of the second vehicle was reportedly flown to the hospital for treatment.

Police say that the first driver fled the scene, but he was discovered soon after in an area of trees located nearby. Though reports indicate that he appeared to be intoxicated, it is unclear what led police officers to that belief or if injuries from the accident could have created similar symptoms. The injured driver was treated and released in the days after the accident.

In addition to accusations of DWI, the young man is also accused of leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, failure to keep right and vehicular assault. Despite the accusations against the driver, there are many issues about the incident that remain unclear, including his blood alcohol content at the time of the collision. To ensure that he is fully aware of his options as he responds to the allegations stemming from the New York accident, he may choose to consult with an attorney with experience with such cases.