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New York school bus incident leads to assault charge

For many people, the importance of school bus drivers is often overlooked. They are often tasked with getting dozens of children safely to school, typically with no one else to help with supervision. Unfortunately, a substitute bus driver in New York is now out of a job and facing assault charges following an alleged encounter with a student riding the bus she was driving.

The incident reportedly happened on a day in January. According to the student, a 9-year-old girl, the bus driver stopped the bus on the way to school and asked her to move to the front of the bus. She claims that as she sat down, the bus driver “assaulted her, ” though the specifics of the alleged assault are unclear.

The girl says that she knew immediately that something was wrong, claiming to feel dizzy. She says she went to the nurse as soon as she arrived at school, who contacted her mother. The mother says that her daughter was diagnosed with a concussion.

The bus driver is no longer employed and now faces a charge of third-degree assault in New York. The transportation company is reportedly conducting its own investigation in addition to working with police. In the meantime, the bus driver has several potentially life-changing decisions that she must make. Often, those tasked with making these decisions without legal training feel unsure of their options and potential outcomes. Fortunately, there are experienced professionals who can help guide them throughout the process, ensuring that they have the necessary information to make informed decisions.