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A New York DWI charge: far from trivial consequences

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2019 | DWI

Virtually any New York motorist facing a drunk driving charge knows that he or she faces notable challenges. Notwithstanding that realization, though, many individuals underestimate the sheer downsides of a DWI conviction in the state.

In a word, they can be severe. We candidly note at the proven New York criminal defense Law Offices of Joshua D. Martin that, “A conviction of drunk driving can change the direction of your life.”

In fact, it can derail it.

Although the extent of assessed penalties linked to a DWI charge vary based on circumstances, they are still severe in matters not involving aggravating factors. They commonly feature outcomes like these:

  • Time spent behind bars (not insignificant, with some offenders incarcerated for up to a year in jail)
  • Multiple fines, court costs and administrative outlays, sometimes totaling several thousand dollars
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Adverse job implications, including lost time linked with hearings and other matters
  • Insurance blowback, including spiked premiums and even loss of coverage
  • Adverse publicity and social stigma

Those bullet points spotlight DWI-linked downsides in even straightforward cases deemed misdemeanors. Some defendants confront far more serious challenges in matters where prosecutors point to aggravating circumstances (e.g., especially high BAC level or multiple previous convictions). In such cases, an individual could face felony DWI charges and materially enhanced penalties.

A proactive and timely response to a drunk driving charge is imperative for individuals seeking to maximally minimize the consequences. Tailored and aggressive representation from a seasoned DWI defense attorney can yield a strong strategy aimed at promoting a client’s best interests and securing an optimal result.